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- We have a complete SMD Production Line comprising Pick & Place machinery with ROHS ready oven and Stencil Printers so we can offer final sample boards in record time. Also we have a dedicated CNC setup for mechanical working on metal parts needed.

- Our lab has all the measurement equipment to meet the actual standards from Audio Precision Audio Analyzer System Two to Rohde & Schwarz UPL Analyzer and a full bench of analog and digital scopes, probes and dummy loads.

- Our programming workstations include C++, C, VisualDSP and many other programming environments to deal with any software request.

- We have a complete CAD setup to do schematic capture, simulation and PCB design from scratch, we can do any project without relying on third party resources to get a faster development time.

For OEM and Pro Audio equipment manufacturers we can offer the following services:

- Prototyping and sample development of DSP processor boards from 1 to 8 IN/OUT including analog and digital I/O with or without PC control through USB 2.0, Ethernet or any other standard interface. Loudspeaker control and Processing, EQ, Dynamics control and display options like embedded text LCD or graphic display.

- Software design for User Interfaces on PC Windows compatible computers using object oriented plattforms and high level programming, we do also the needed firmware for the embedded microprocessor on board, we use Silicon Labs and Microchip engines with a huge set of ready made libraries to deal with any requirement.

- Cobranet and AVB protocol development for networked audio, we are pioneers on this, we have more than 5 years of experience on Oem Cobranet solutions and now we offer also the new AVB standard that deals also with network video streaming.

- Prototyping and sample development of Class D amplifiers. From 100watts to 3kwatts modules (RMS power) we have developped different options ready to use using the last developments on silicon devices. We include fully protections by default on board: overcurrent, overvoltage, short-circuit, undervoltage and special devices like transparent power limiting and  voltage and current output measurement.

- Prototyping and sample development of switching mode Power Supplies, we use our own Power Factor correction and Resonant Output stages so our supplies are ready for universal mains input (90 to 265V A.C.) and they are regulated by default. We do supplies from 400 to 4kw tailored to feed class D amplifiers.
We design electronics and software by request since year 2001. We have worked for some Pro-Audio brands doing research and development on different fields , from Dsp processing to Class D amplifiers and switching mode Power Supplies. We use Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and Cirrus Logic DSP plattforms and the last developments on semiconductors from Infineon, IR or Fairchild semiconductor for the power devices.
R&D and OEM Services